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Is The Oneplus 8T Water Resistant? Is Oneplus 8T Water Resistant? Is Oneplus 8T Waterproof?

Ready for exciting acitivity such as swimming snorkeling boating fishing and want to know whether Oneplus 8T Waterproof or water resistant.

Is The Oneplus 8T Water Resistant

Is Oneplus 8T Water Resistant?

Is Oneplus 8T Waterproof?

Is The Oneplus 8T Waterproof?

  1. No, the Oneplus 8T Water Resistant is not support!
  2. From Oneplus Official –  we can not find any information of Oneplus 8T Waterproof.
  3. T-Mobile says OnePlus 8T IP68 rating!
  4. From Reviewers test, OnePlus 8T water resistant so degree, but no any certified rating!
  5. Problebly approaching IP67.
  6. If you want your oneplus 8t used for water resistant ,recommend a oneplus 8t waterproof case!

Is the OnePlus 8T IP68?

  1. No, the OnePlus 8T IP68 not right!
  2. Oneplus Official site has no any IP68 certified information

Is OnePlus 8T water resistant in India?

  • No, from Oneplus official Globel Version no any OnePlus 8T water resistant certified information!

Is OnePlus 8T worth buying?

  • Yes, OnePlus 8T worth buying for the price!
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