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Is The iPhone SE2 Waterproof? Is iPhone SE 2 Water Resistant? Is The iPhone SE 2nd Gen Waterproof?

Ready for a exciting destination and need to know how Waterproof the new iPhone SE 2020 or water resistant!

Is The iPhone SE2 Waterproof

Is iPhone SE2 Waterproof?

Is iPhone SE 2 Water Resistant?

Is The iPhone SE 2nd Gen Waterproof?

Yes, The iPhone 2020, iPhone SE2 is water resistant IP67 rating, not completely waterproof !

From Apple official – iPhone SE 2020 Rating of IP67 – IEC standard 60529:

Underwater depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes). Phone SE 2 IP68 not true!

Splash, water, and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear.

Liquid damage is not covered under warranty, but you might have rights under consumer law.

Avoid used for swimming bathing showering surfing etc.

We learn:

iPhone SE 2 Water Resistance will decrease as we daily use!

There is no any way to know how much Water Resistance left!

Drop, impact, dent, scrach and even repair will destory the iPhone SE 2 Waterproof ability!

Liquid damage will out of warrnaty and repair cost is expensive!

A new iPhone SE2 new buy has best water resistant performance!

Can iPhone SE2 take pictures underwater?

Can the iPhone SE 2020 go underwater?

Can the iPhone SE 2020 underwater photography?

Yes,the iPhone SE2 can take pictures uderwater under IP67 Rating condition! (1 meters (3.3ft) for 30 minutes)

But only for a iPhone SE2 new buy for the water resistance is strongest!

For a used iPhone SE and we don’t know how much the iPhone SE2 water resistance left, iPhone SE2 easy liquid damage, recommend using a iPhone SE2 waterproof Case!

Can I take my iPhone se2 in the shower?

Can i take my iPhone SE 2020 in the Shower?

Yes, we can take our iPhone se2 in the shower!

But only used for several times, as a iPhone SE2 new buy and with IP67 Rating, but IP67 rating not tested under steam

As iPhone se2 water resistant decrease, take iPhone SE 2020 in the Shower will steam damage your iPhone se2.

If you need using iPhone se2 in the shower often, recommend use a waterproof case for iPhone se2

What happens if I drop my iPhone se2 in water?

There are 2 situation you need to think about:

If the water depth under IP67 Rating – 1 meters underwater less than for 30 minutes and your iPhone se2 no any other damage, the iPhone se2 maybe survive.

If the iPhone se2 using condition over IP67 Certified, the iPhone se2 maybe liquid damage.

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